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Optical Illusions: Ever wonder how magic tricks work or how movies are made? A lot of it involves optical illusions. These are visual images that play tricks on your eyes. Become a magician and create the ultimate optical gadget.

Light: Discover a light like no other. Laser lights are some of the most fascinating lights in science. Beam into a world of amazing light and technology. Learn how we use light in everyday life to scan, dissect, and even travel. Next, put your skills to the ultimate test. How does a game of laser tag sound?

Energetic Hands: What powers movement? Find out here as we make things jump, bounce, and catapult into the air. After your child has mastered the basic principles of energy be amazed as they make their very own snake eggs.


Here are the workshops your child will be participating in when they join Unlimited Hands-on Science this Spring.

pH FACTOR:: Acids and bases are two special kinds of chemicals. Almost all liquids are either acids or bases to some degree. Whether a liquid is an acid or base depends on the type of ions in it. If it has a lot of hydrogen ions, then it is an acid. If it has a lot of hydroxide ions, then it is a base. By the end of the day students will understand the difference between sour and sweet CANDY!

Hands on Taste: This class will be a tasty treat as we learn how we taste, where we taste, and even when we taste different flavors of food. We will even learn how some of your favorite snack are made. YUMMY!

Foggy Hands: In this fascinating class we dive right into one of natures’ most fascinating gases...Carbon Dioxide!!! Experiment with “dry ice” and watch diet soda soar into the sky as things get really bubbly. 

Unlimited Hands-On Science is an established science enrichment company, dedicated to generating and encouraging interest in the fields of Science. We have traveled all over the Midlands and surrounding areas, just to bring the scientific fun to your classrooms. This spring, Unlimited Hands-On Science will be conducting our hands-on science   classes at Midway Elementary from 2:30pm-3:30pm starting March 16th-May 18th (Mondays only). Sign your child(ren) up for some hands-on fun and scientific discovery. Don’t forget to checkout some of the amazing labs and classes below. At Unlimited Hands-On Science “We Place Science In the Palm of Your Hands!”

All Hands in the Air: Air has mass and takes up space!! In this class we will learn all about our atmosphere and explore the different properties of air. Get blown away by B.A.B.S and even learn how to hover around.

Hands Underground: This class is all about our friends of the South…..the worm! These little creatures will teach everything there is to be known about their role in nature cycles. P.S. They are looking for good homes.

Hands-On Matter: Solids, liquids and gases oh my!! Molecules are everywhere especially in this class as we examine the atom, its parts and the physical changes it undergoes.