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What is an A.S.P.?​
A.S.P. is a science based after school program ran by Unlimited Hands-On Science through various different schools within the Midlands and throughout South Carolina.​

What activities will my child be participating in?
Ranging anywhere from  mixing chemicals or going outside to explore the world of science, your child will engage in activities that are always Hands-On and educational. Depending on the day, a child can participate in labs, experiments, and/or team-based activities. No matter the activity or lesson, the session will always be educational and modeled from the South Carolina State Curriculum guidelines.

What days will my child be attending?

Usually your child will attend 1 day out of the week for an hour. The exact day is determined by the participating school.

How often do you run these After-School Programs?

We run these programs all year round.  Contact us for info on our Summer Programs.

How many classes will my child attend in total?
Your child will attend 6, 12, 15, or 18 weeks of classes depending on the semester length.

 What will my child learn?
​Your child will learn how science works using exploration and discovery through our hand-crafted labs and experiments. 

 What is an average class day like?
Children will first meet in a specified location with an Unlimited Hands-On Science assistant or specialist. Children can go to recess if the weather permits. Children will then go to classes where they can conduct anywhere from 3-15 experiments. After an hour children will pack up to go home and receive their hands-on project. Finally, a Hands-On specialist will wait with ALL children until their parents arrive and escort other children to another school activity if needed.

 How do I sign up for an Unlimited Hands-On Science ASP?​
You can sign up three ways:  online, phone, or through any participating school.